Woken From the Crow's Nest

from by Lords of the Drunken Pirate Crew

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After many a grand, raucus quest
Time for this drunk lord to get some rest
Steady as she goes; the compass points south
And this lack of fine rum has left me dry in the mouth

Down below deck where our treasure is held
Wobbly from exhaustion and deep ocean swells
Pound down a bottle quick as can be
I almost fell over! Guess it's time for some sleep

I've too many damn fools on this ship
Partyin' and carryin' on, not givin' a shit
And while they wreak havoc in the depths down below
I needs me some silence, so up on deck I go

I can still hear 'em, me wretched crewmates
Loud as a demon horde stormin' the gates!
Where can I go now to get some respite?
Up the rope ladder...in the crow's nest I'll lie

The seas are now calm, the wind is serene
The world's at a standstill and the moon is pristine
Me eyelids are too heavy to stay open now
A brief moment of solace and then...


We have been spotted by royal navy men
Those filthy dogs we've tangled with once and again!
They saw our flag and readied their load
And with one direct shot they made my "bed" explode!

Up on the deck! We've a fight on our hands!
How dare they try to fight the best folk metal band??
Hard turn to starboard, have yer guns at the ready!
Time to show them just who's all the more deadly!

This is for our brothers you've fought with and killed
And all those times that you've squelched our thrills!
You're all men of honor, a notion we despise
So prepare to get some searing lead right between the eyes

Cannons burst and sabres clash; oh, this will be fun!
We ain't afraid, we'll never flee, and we'll take on every one!
Many an hour later, we see their flag of white
Outdone and outgunned, they now fear our strength and might!


from 2014 Promo, released May 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Lords of the Drunken Pirate Crew Chicago, Illinois

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